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Testaments of Our Commitment to Relationships

We believe in relationships. Our customers come to us with a dream—a special place to build their dream home or vacation retreat, with room to spread out, still close to city conveniences. We help each of our customers find the exact fit for their needs, their very best place in the heart of Texas. Here are a few comments and experiences expressed by our customers, highlighting our success in building communities they love coming home to, and friends they want to keep.

Bridlegate Ranch

My husband and I had been looking at property in the Hill Country for quite some time. After many unsuccessful visits to find what we were looking for, I came across the Bridlegate Ranch website and was very impressed.

We came the following weekend and couldn't believe how spectacular it was. The views, the river, the clubhouse and guest cottage, pool and fitness center, all made it an ideal setting. Our lot has a wonderful view and an oak tree estimated to be over 500 years old.

The sales staff are very gracious, helpful and professional. Being only a few miles outside of Bandera, conveniences are close by. Also, you ca be on the River Walk in San Antonio in just 45 minutes. Come and see Bridlegate Ranch. You won't be disappointed.

--Ken and Karen Cage

Our names are Gilbert & Dianna O'Brien of Mystic Connecticut. We have vacationed in Texas numerous times and decided to look for land in the Hill Country of the great state of Texas. We were staying in Bandera, Texas. On Monday, January 14, 2008, we were traveling to San Antonio when we saw your billboard along Route 16 and decided to stop into your office.

Upon arrival, we met with James Forehand who without hesitation brought us into the conference room and made us feel right at home. We had our eight-year-old with us and James made our son feel at ease right away and feel as much a part of the process as mom and dad.

Without any pressure on us, we were in no time in James' pick-up truck and heading out to look at lots in the Bridle gate Ranch. James, unlike many sales clerks, actually listened to what my wife and I were saying regarding the land that we wanted to purchase. Bridle gate has many beautiful lots.

We were interested in one of them and wanted to set it aside because we had other appointments through the next two days with real estate agents to see land between Bandera and New Braunfels. Unfortunately, (at the time) the land that we were interested in was already sold. We were to say the least disappointed.

James gave us his word that he would find the perfect lot for us and asked us to give him another chance. Due to my profession, I am not a very trusting person but James has a very trustworthy quality, so my wife and I agreed to come back on Wednesday afternoon after meeting with the other agents in the area.

Well it was exactly what Dianna and I described to James on Monday. It was without a doubt our dream lot, my wife had tears of joy in her eyes and my son gave it an eight-year-old's seal of approval by saying, "cool."

It has been our dream to live in the Texas when I retire in six years. Now we are one huge step closer to being there and with the land that James found for us we are even more excited about moving to Texas. No doubts or buyer's guilt. James has personified all that we expected Texans to be: honest, hard working, and a man of his word.

We are still a few years out from becoming a part of your great state, but I look forward to my son growing up at least partially in Texas. My son still makes a point to say hello when I speak to James on the phone. The land purchase went through without a hitch and was one of the easiest processes I have been through. James still keeps in touch and we feel we are part of something and not just a sale. James is an asset to your company and we wish him and his lovely wife Leah all the best in the future.

--Gilbert O'Brien

We would like to take this opportunity to commend the sales staff at your Bridlegate office. Upon visiting the San Antonio area we were merely contemplating buying some property to enjoy somewhere down the line. We searched out the Bridlegate property on our own, not an easy task to do if you are unfamiliar in the area. Reason being, we didn't want to be hounded by some "pushy sales people."

We were just looking and we felt if we weren't interested, we would be caught. Well, much to our surprise we loved the area, the properties and all it seemed to offer. Problem being we were sitting in this vast area of land with no idea where the lots might be, how big they were and most important how much they might cost. We decided we were going to have to head to the sales office, I complained the whole way there and had back-up ideas of how to escape "the sales people" if they were too pushy.

We were welcomed by Rob Hurst, in cowboy hat and all, interesting I thought. Although my husband is from Texas, I am a Midwesterner all my life and we reside there now. I find the cowboy attire so "cool," have to be honest. Rob explained it would serve us best to go out to the property area with him to really get a handle on the lot size, price ranges, etc. 1 panicked a bit, we were going to be stuck in his truck, we had no out. I was sure this was all part of their sales routine, trap the customer, right?

Well, much to our surprise within 5 minutes we were chatting very casually with Rob, our land consultant, not a "pushy sales person". He made us feel so at ease and gave us every bit of information about the property we could desire. He knew about the history of the property, the area, gave us great information about the company itself and somehow managed to figure out just which special piece of property would fit our needs. He very casually learned a lot about us and took that all into consideration in meeting our needs.

He [Rob] showed us properties with water access, heavily wooded areas, even mostly cleared lots for comparison. The streets were not in yet, which made it somewhat difficult for us to envision the actual community layout. Rob helped us visualize the layout of the streets and even helped us consider the volume of cars that may eventually be in certain areas.

We quickly realized that owning a lot in Bridlegate was something we really would be able to do. The vast amount of lot choices would be overwhelming to most buyers, but with land consultants who are that in tune to their clients needs, the decision was easy.

After showing us a variety of lots, and seeing our reactions to their qualities, he came up with a lot that he thought would fit us perfectly. Without a doubt it did. Some people may find the story silly, but to us it was a very big decision that couldn't be taken lightly. It's a commitment for our family that means at some point spending time away from our current home and community which we love. So finding somewhere that we feel we can be as attached to and love is a great feeling.

At the main office, we were made to feel very at home and each person there was so friendly and joined in our excitement about our purchase. We managed to do the whole process in really just one day, minus the closing. Some people certainly may need more time to contemplate, but regardless our feeling is that the staff helped us tremendously with what can be a very exhausting process, especially if you live out of town.

Our trip to the San Antonio area was short and what I thought was going to be a miserable waste of a day looking at lots turned into the highlight of our trip because of your fine company. Looking forward to coming back this month to see our lot!

--Richard and Dawn Tuttle



"Because of the excellent location and amenities that are offered, we feel owning property in TerraMont is a great value."

--Chuck Daye 

Recently, my husband and I decided to purchase property for our retirement home. We wanted a hill country view and modern conveniences just minutes away. Our search took us to Southerland's newest community, Terra Mont. There we found the acreage we wanted with the most breathtaking views that San Antonio has to offer. Best of all, we are minutes way from the shopping malls, hospitals and Fiesta Texas.

We also met the great staff of salesmen. Eddie Sill was most delightful and very personable. Overall, Eddie made us feel like family and made our buying experience very easy. He was not high pressured and we loved that about him. Eddie Sill is definitely a keeper!

--J.C. & Saint Severe Salinas


Copper Ridge

Testimonial from the Broth family regarding recent experience with personnel at Copper Ridge, New Braunfels, Texas: April 3, 2011.

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I have been talking about retirement for awhile now and what that picture may look like in terms of location and quality of life.  Recently we took a trip to the Hill Country of Texas, as my husband is a native Texan and we both decided this would be a great area to spend our retirement years.  We had contacted several communities prior to our trip to narrow our search.  After spending a few days in the Austin, Kerrville, San Antonio and New Braunfels area, we decided to concentrate on the New Braunfels area. 

Through the assistance of a local builder, we initially visited Vintage Oaks, Havenwood and River Chase.  While these were appealing developments, we felt a greater level of comfort when the builder made the choice to take us to Copper Ridge.  It was here we met with Mr. Todd Menger, Sales Manager for the development.  Right away, we felt at ease and able to take our time to provide information on what we were looking for and what our long range plans would be.  We found Mr. Menger to be low key and not a high pressure person, which is exactly what we were wanting.  It was obvious from the start that Mr. Menger understood our desires by asking questions about what we wanted in a property, not what he wanted to sell.  We were able to view several properties at Copper Ridge before making a final decision to buy a beautiful lot where we can plan our dream home.  Mr. Menger’s hospitality, and easy and thoughtful approach to our requests made it a decision that was not stressful or rushed.  We look forward to a long relationship with Mr. Menger and the staff at Copper Ridge. The beauty of the property speaks for itself, and it was such a pleasure to work with honest and sincere people who care about providing a product that will be the most desirable for the customers involved.  We look forward to many years of happiness at Copper Ridge in New Braunfels, Texas.


Hal and Lou Ann Broth
Colorado Springs, Colorado

A++ Copper Ridge!

Last week I had a client fly in from Colorado interested in property in New Braunfels, and surrounding areas.  I drove that client through 4 neighborhoods before we finished our tour at Copper Ridge. My client was somewhat pleased with the 4 communities we toured before, but was not wowed by any of them. We made Copper Ridge our last stop, and when we pulled in, the wow was there.  We met up with Mr. Todd Menger and he personally showed us his best properties to fit the needs of my clients. He was great  at assessing their needs regarding  their price point and personal preference. While on the tour he provided great information about the lots we were touring, which included areal maps, full site plans with trees, and topo. At the end of the day he made my clients feel at home and they are now the proud owners of Copper Ridge porperty. I would HIGHLY reccomend Mr. Menger or his staff to anyone enterested in buying prime hill country property. From a realtor standpoint they really knocked it out of the park, and I wanted to say thanks!

Have a Blessed day,
Billy Strickland


First, let me say that I do not typically write a letter of this sort and am somewhat skeptical of testimonials generally.  Having said that, I nevertheless feel compelled to congratulate you and your company on what has been a remarkable experience.

From the first phone call, through the site visit and all the way to closing (and beyond), you and your team have been warm, credible, responsive, and flexible.  There was never a hint of a hard sell, and I am confident that your primary goal was to find an asset that fit the needs and desires of me and my family.  You are a gracious host and a terrific asset for the Copper Ridge development and New Braunfels community.  I hope to be your neighbor someday.

In addition to your personal contributions, I found the interface with your colleagues to be a pleasure as well.  As you know, I had a few requests which were probably a bit out of the ordinary.  Nevertheless, you and Jay Peterson were extraordinarily accommodating, to the point of seriously disrupting your weekend to satisfy my (and my attorney’s) needs.  Your title company (Alamo) and the professionals assigned to this transaction were excellent.  They obviously have the highest respect for you and your company and have incorporated a similar approach to customer service.

Feel free to give my name and contact number to anyone who would like to discuss my experience

Michael Tregoning
Chief Financial Officer
The Headington Companies

Jay and Todd,
It was a pleasure working with both of you, and I just wanted to thank you and your folks for the seamless closing process. I have practiced real estate law in Texas for roughly 28 years and have closed many lot deals from both the seller and buyer perspective. I can’t remember a more accommodating and professional seller team than yours. From top to bottom, whether it was either of you, the title company, the surveyor or someone in between, we were treated as well as we have ever experienced.
Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Dixie & I have owned a condo in New Braunfels for 3 years.  We have planned to retire in this area for several years.  One of our weekend hobbies has been to look at land and homes in the surrounding area.  All the builders’ model homes were beautiful, but what we realized made a home spectacular was the property.  This is what we found at Copper Ridge.  The location, view and amenities are what we were looking for.  Thanks to Eric Woytek for his great insight and for showing us the “perfect lot”.

- Dave & Dixie Kellum

"We live/work overseas for many years now.  We're looking for a place to retire/semi retire that has a beautiful view, is a short drive to the airport, Austin, Houston, and still has the feel of country. The gated/guarded community is a bonus as it makes me feel safe.  After visiting Mystic Shores, Vintage Oaks, other surrounding communities, we decided Copper Ridge is the place for us to be.  Eric Woytek did a great job showing us the property that is right for us. He was very good in pointing to us the advantages and disadvantages of different lots and what would be perfect for us.  We found Eric and the staff at Copper Ridge very professional, honest and friendly."

- Zoraida and Norman Kaczorowski

"Thank you very much for your help, Eric.  Of course, we will highly recommend you to all our friends who plan to retire or have a vacation home in the hill county.  We appreciated very much for the time and assistance you have provided for us.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

- Alan Dao

Dan, we need to write up a story on how we met and how a friendly exchange in a bakery will change my family’s life.  We almost bought in Havenwood and Rockwall.

We are excited to be future residents in Copper Ridge. It is exactly what we wanted to do. We needed a pro like Eric to get us thinking. Thanks for putting us together with Eric.  He would make a good equipment salesman??  No weekends!

The whole experience has been exciting and very professional.  I had been carrying Jay Patterson phone number in my wallet for 5 weeks and never used it.  I have been close to one side of his family for years and actually stayed with them almost 30 years ago.  I watched Jay at a County rodeo ride a bull or he attempted to.

Eric, set up that round of golf at River Crossing and let’s sell some more property to my friends.  Wait until it’s under  100 degrees.

- Galen Gardner, President

For us, it all started early in our marriage as we agreed to put off plans with the faltering economy.  We could make some improvements to our current home and "ride out the storm"  -- but for how long.  On the weekend we (I) had set aside for a small renovation project; I agreed to go on ONE MORE excursion looking at property.  For once, I challenged my wife: "But what are we going to do if we see **the** lot?" 

From the moment we drove onto the property we sensed something was different at Copper Ridge.  It has an ideal setting, not too far from civilization, but not too close to the constant bustle of a large metropolis.  Right after you shut the car engine off and step out, you notice how peaceful it is; with a light breeze that didn't carry the heat of many square miles of asphalt and concrete.

Jeff Sterling has diverse experience in building homes in the Hill Country and that really helped us.  Granted he had to drive us to it, but the lot basically sold itself; but we could "see" how things were going to work -- all from Jeff's insight.  The rest of the team were always ready to answer our questions.  I think that their expertise in not just helping you find property, but also in all of the considerations of building a custom home, make the trip to Copper Ridge worth it.

After many trips to other communities, and a few "if only"  conversations, it all came together in the middle of a 1.3 acre lot out at Copper Ridge.  This may have a much more special meaning for Marie and I; but for anyone carefully considering building a custom home, looking for a development that is designed to augment your home's value, and if you want to work with people that not only have the best property in Comal County, but also expertise and knowledge of what happens **to you** after the sale, you need to put Copper Ridge on your list.  Before all the lots are sold.

-Michael and Marie Webb

"My husband and I had decided to start looking at places to retire. One night he found Copper Ridge on the internet and asked for more details. We were immediately contacted and given the information we requested. As we had just begun to search, we were really only looking for areas and not specific subdivisions. But the more information we received, the more we wanted to go and view the property.

Rusty Nesbitt emailed me photos of a couple of specific lots at the top of the ridge and I think we knew right then that we had found exactly what we were looking for. The pictures convinced us that we needed to view the property in person.

When we arrived at Copper Ridge, we felt so welcomed. Rusty showed us the lots we had discussed and we just fell in love. The view is incredible! The south breeze is awesome! The trees are so huge and give such shade! We knew we did not have to look any further, but then it got even better. We were introduced to Robyn and Roberto who had just built their home. They had company, who is also building in Copper Ridge, but still invited us into their new home. We sat on their back porch and enjoyed their awesome view and made wonderful new friends. Then on to meet more new Copper Ridge folks! I don't know when we have enjoyed a day so much. The people immediately became our
new friends and welcomed us whole heartedly to their new community. We cannot wait to build and
join the wonderful people whom we met that day. Copper Ridge truly feels like a family and we can't
wait to become a permanent part of that family.

Awesome views, perfect sunsets, gentle breezes, wonderful people. What a place to call home!!!"

- Sweetie and Donny McNair

“I want to thank you for your efforts on this transaction. From day one until closing it was your commitment to my customers that made this happen. Copper Ridge is a dynamic project. I hope your company realizes that it is people like you who are catalyst’s who will make it work.”

-Ed Barrett, Broker;  Ed Barrett Realtors

“It was very nice meeting you. We really had a great experience. It was a no pressure effort and, of course, the lot and its views sold itself. We are very excited about living in Copper Ridge and communicated that to the builder. We want to start to build as soon as possible. Thanks again for your hospitality and we are looking forward to living in Copper Ridge.”

-Roberto and Robyn Marchesini

"Who says dreams don’t come true? ... At Copper Ridge they really do!"

-Joe & Anna Lugo, Texas

"Southerland Communities takes a hands-on approach with his developments and makes sure the development does not sacrifice the natural beauty of the land."

- Wade Haynes, Texas

"We bought land for our retirement home in New Braunfels - it is in such a perfect place. Close to two great Texas cities, lakes, rivers and the beauty of the Texas Hill Country."

- Jim and Marilyn Garrett, California

"All of the people working for Southerland Communities were very helpful as I purchased four of their properties from out of state. They are knowledgeable of the area and they were able to answer questions about the city of New Braunfels.
They continue to be helpful and friendly after closing on the properties as well. My experience of purchasing property from Southerland Communities has been a great one. "

- Guillermo M., Louisiana

"During a return trip from the valley my wife and I decided to spend a few days around the New Braunfels area. We enjoyed the community, the hilltop views, the wildlife and so on, however as much as we liked the area we really hadn't decided that this area would become our future retirement location. In September of 2008 we decided to revisit the area and give it another look. We liked what we had seen the first time.  The dazzling hill top views, the red radiant sunsets and absolutely brilliant rainbows after an autumn rain. We both had fallen in love with the area.  Another thing that we considered high on our list of priorities was the surrounding proximities of Austin and San Antonio and all the attractions and amenities that they had to offer. During this second trip we looked around at various developments within the Canyon Lake area, however during the next few days my wife and I were contemplating giving up and going home, and then it happened. We were introduced to Copper Ridge. It met all of the expectations and amenities that my wife and I considered important in our lives. Once we had seen the ongoing development at Copper Ridge and experienced the professional sales staff, we knew this property had some real potential.

The sales staff at Copper Ridge has been delightful to work with, keeping us informed on progress, and introducing us to community associations in the nearby area. Eric Woytek was our sales associate and Eric has always shown my wife and I personal and professional courtesy that we had desired. During our site review, I explained to Eric that we were wanting to leave the area the next day, as a hurricane was bearing inland and projected to follow a path right up the I-35 interstate corridor. I thought we would need to come back at a later time and select our property. However, once we had explained to Eric what our expectations were he took us to several sites and knew exactly what we were looking for.  During a brief torrential rain downpour we scrambled to a highpoint in the community called Copper Crest and we found the site we were looking for. With Eric's help we located the property and signed the deal that very same day. Eric, thanks for your help and your courtesy to stay in touch. My wife and I are very excited about our relocation and are looking forward to our new address in the Copper Ridge development. We have never had a doubt since our purchase that this was the right thing to do. I only wish that we would have done it sooner."

- Bob & Nancy Begey, McAllen, Texas



River Chase

I am writing this letter on behalf of your sales associate, Darren Mills. Darren was the individual who worked with me to purchase Lot #1604 in Unit 10 (708 Cambridge Drive).

I am new to Texas having just moved here in early October from Central Florida. After looking around at several options for a new homesite, I found my way back to River Chase. Darren was very knowledgeable, not only about what your community had to offer, but also with regard to the growth which will be realized within the New Braunfels area in the near future.

I myself work within the sales industry and I was very receptive to the approach which Darren took in learning about my needs. I find that this is very important in our industry aside from knowing one product. Darren also kept me abreast of any further information which would assist in my decision-making. I am very happy with my decision to have purchased a lot within the River Chase community. Having sales associates such as Darren on site definitely makes a difference.

--Robin A. Meagher

I just wanted to let you know that we are closing on our property tomorrow at 1:00. We are so excited about building, which will start as soon as we secure our loan. Thanks so much for all your help with picking out the right spot for us. Neither Matt nor I typically like dealing with "sales" people, but you were kind, honest, and not pushy – we really appreciate that.

Once we are relocated, we'll let you know so we can plan a BBQ! Matt would be writing you as well, but he was sent to Dallas for work for the next few months. Good thing, so I can make all the decisions regarding the house! Thanks again.

--Celeste Windham

Jay Patterson of Southerland Properties takes a hands-on approach with his developments and makes sure the development does not sacrifice the natural beauty of the land. My salesperson, Todd Menger, is a very honest and personable land representative. He strives to get you the ideal home site you need for your home, not just sell you a piece of land.

As I expanded my business, BWH Homes, out to River Chase, it made sense to move my family out here. River Chase was truly an answer to our prayers. When we first pulled in to the entrance of River Chase, we knew we found our new home. The beautiful natural landscaping out here is unbelievable. Not to mention, the schools are great! River Chase has been a wonderful place for my family and for my business!

--Wade Haynes

Dear Todd,
I want to thank you for your assistance and knowledge of the River Chase area in helping me select the three lots that I purchased. River Chase, and the New Braunfels area in general, is a beautiful part of the Texas Hill Country. Your approach to showing the property and illustrating the many advantages to the River Chase area, demonstrate a professionalism that I had not seen in my search for a retirement area. Along with the amenities offered at River Chase, the convenient location in relation to other area such as San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin and Canyon Lake, make it a desirable place to live. I have enjoyed working with you at River Chase and look forward to future opportunities as they may arise.

--Jerry T. Shelby

After 10 years in Texas, I moved to Washington State. On a recent visit, I noticed the incredible growth along the Hill Country corridor between Austin and San Antonio. When the time came for me to consider purchasing land in the area, the first place I thought of was River Chase. To me, they are the premier developer of the area. They started it all and set the standard. With their newer area, they now provide a choice to residents: complete country-style living or country-style living with a more residential feel. And the amenities create the perfect equation for a Hill Country way of life."

--Marilyn Heasley , Richland, WA

I think you should be aware of what an amazing salesperson you have in Todd Menger. Todd was extremely knowledgeable and professional upon touring River Chase. He understood all our concerns and questions and communicated so well.

Todd has assisted us in "building our home questions" above and beyond the call of duty. I consider him a good friend. He spent time showing our children land and everyone thinks he is great. What a pleasurable experience we have had with Todd and his company.

--Bobby & Sheila Rust

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you and your staff for making my experience with the River Chase community a positive one. Your associate, Todd Menger, has done an excellent job on educating me on your community and the San Antonio area as a whole.

In my opinion, Todd goes above and beyond his required duty to show .me the culture and history of the area, for example, Todd has taken my wife and I to the Comal County Fair and Rodeo as his guest, he has shown us to the Old Gruene Hall, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, etc. during our various trips.

As a result, I have referred many folks to your community and will continue to do so because I believe that River Chase is a community that cares about people and their families. Lastly, because our experience has been so positive every time we travel to River Chase, my family and J are moving to River Chase from California in 2007. My family and I thank you for your efforts.

--Raymond DeLaRosa

The purpose of my letter is to share with you the positive experience I had while visiting River Chase. In particular, Mr. Todd Menger was exceptionally welcoming and made me and my family feel very comfortable throughout our visit. Mr. Menger was an invaluable part of my experience and his tour of the area has helped me decide to not only purchase property within River Chase, but also to move my family from California to Texas. I would like to recognize Mr. Menger for his hospitality and professionalism as well as the River Chase staff for creating such a beautiful and family oriented community.

--Sonny Olvera

This letter is in regards to the professional personal service I received from Todd Menger during my recent purchase at River Chase. From beginning to end, Todd's helpful and extremely friendly service made me feel that my transaction was his personal priority! His response times to my questions and concerns where answered with a great sense of urgency on his part in which I truly appreciate. Todd's attitude and great service was above and beyond his duty and I will definitely refer friends and family to Todd Menger!

--Lanissa Olvera

We were two days away from buying a lot in another development when we decided to drive through River Chase, primarily to see how close it was to the Guadalupe River. We stopped in the office and were greeted by Bill Gallegly. Over the course of the next three days, Bill spent numerous hours talking with us to determine what kind of lot we were looking for and sharing the advantages of living in River Chase. After walking many lots and having all of our questions answered, we purchased a lot that will be wonderful for our new home.

Bill was a terrific professional to work with. He went out of his way to ensure the lot we purchased was exactly what we were looking for and continued to provide answers and advice prior to closing. We can't wait to start building our new home and move in to River Chase!

--A. Day & M. Liebermann

Dear Jonas, We wanted to give you this piece of stained glass as a token of our appreciation of all the effort you expended in helping us find the right piece of property in River Chase. You mentioned that you and your wife are considering learning how to make its. Hopefully this will encourage you to make it. We are also going to send you a book.

Jonas, it was a pure pleasure working with you. Not only were you knowledgeable about your product, but you were very professional and courteous. You went above and beyond to help us. Thank you again.

--Andy & Rebecca Randle


The Crossing

We recently purchased two different lots at "The Crossing" and had the pleasure of working with Eddy Sill. We are thrilled with our purchase and know that not only will the area be a good investment but also the perfect place to raise our two boys.

When first visiting "The Crossing" I knew very little about the surrounding area. My husband and I are new to San Antonio and were very apprehensive about purchasing the first lot. Eddie took the time and went above ad beyond to find out information about the Comal School District in order to ease our concerns. He also let us know about the Spring Branch area finding out more details that necessary (shopping, commuting times and again the schools).

We were so happy with Eddie's comfortable demeanor, knowledge of the area and non-threatening salesmanship that my husband and I were positive about making our purchase. We were so confident that we decided to purchase a 2nd lot about a month later! Eddie was a pleasure to work with. I never felt pressured to purchase either lot. I only felt informed and confident about our investment. I'd like to thank Eddie for his knowledge, assistance, and hopefully friendship after our transactions.

--Tim and Kathy Kelly

I would like to add my name to what I'm sure is a long list of people that have had the good fortune to have been helped by Eddie Sill. Eddie helped me find and purchase a dream – 2 acres of beautiful land with access to a crystal-clear, spring-fed creek. Eddie was obviously very knowledgeable about, and familiar with, The Crossing at Spring Creek. He readily answered all my questions about the land, the creek, and the development plans. He was also able to point out special qualities of the land and development and to offer information I wouldn't have thought to ask.

Eddie's manner was a delightfully balanced blend of professionalism and familiarity. Whether we were walking the land or sitting in the office, Eddie was always patient and courteous. I never felt rushed or pressured through any part of the looking/buying process. I felt more like Eddie was encouraging and supportive. The pleasure Eddie finds in the land and his work is apparent and contagious. He was easy to talk to, comfortable to be with, and I felt very confident about trusting him.

After the sale, Eddie followed up and followed through promptly, thoroughly and efficiently. He took special time and effort to make my lot seem special and "made to order" just for me. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase or Eddie's contribution to making it happen.

Eddie Sill is a special person and worthy of special recognition.

--Judi Swalwell

Dear Rick,
Thanks for all of your help in our purchase of a lot in The Crossing at Spring Creek. Amy and I appreciate the time you spent with us and driving us out to look at some of the home sites in our price range. Hopefully, lot 269 will be the location of many future team parties, barbeques, and family get-togethers.

You and Southerland Properties made it easy on us in the first purchase we have made like this. I am limited in the locations of convenience to San Antonio and Austin and appreciate the other developments your company has had success with in the past. I hope The Crossing will continue that success record.

--Tim and Amy Smith

I am writing to commend our sales representative, Rick Grayson. We first contacted Rick when looking for land in a development off Blanco Rd. There was not a lot we found, but he kept our information and contacted us when The Crossing was going to start previewing lots. He listened to exactly what we wanted and found a lot that was exactly what we were looking for. We appreciate the time he took with us to ensure our questions were answered as well as following up with us after we closed on the land to keep us up-to-date on changes that were being made to the area. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to friends that are looking for property as well.

--Linda Cardenas

Our Own Shangri-la... After my wife, Ellen, and I sealed the deal on a beautiful lot at The Crossing at Spring Creek, I encouraged a close friend to do the same, as there were only limited number of creek front lots left. The next day, my friend told me and he and his wife had purchased the lot next door and would be our new neighbors. We were truly delighted!

Our property is adjacent to Spring Branch Creek, which is very clean and cold with big bass in it. Altogether, we own 141 feet of gorgeous creek front. The lot has large red oaks and live oaks, so there will be plenty of solitude. My wife and I are going to have fun over the next several years designing our dream house. We have a firm goal to work towards over the next three to five years and there is a definite feeling of peace about it.

Many thanks to our sales representative, David Mares, for his cheerful enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, and sheer professionalism.

--Jim Lawler, McLean, VA

I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the work Mr. Grayson has contributed in working with us to realize our dream home at The Crossing at Spring Creek, Lot 241.

By happenstance in August 2006, we contacted Mr. Grayson regarding our interest in a Lot in Unit 2. Mr. Grayson patiently worked with us in showing us Lots and was understanding as we switched from an original lot to the one we now have.

We anticipate closing on our Construction loan this week and have Mr. Grayson to thank for putting us in touch with our Lender, State Bank, David Yount, who in turn referred us to our builder, Mr. David Calleri, Tailored Homes.

All three gentlemen, Mr. Grayson, Mr. Yount and Mr. Calleri, have been key to us realizing a dream come true. It all started with Mr. Grayson and his commitment to not only delivering on the Lot but also ensuring that we were handed off to true professionals.

We will continue to recommend Mr. Grayson to our friends and associates and wish to tell you that his smooth, patient and professional style is a positive reflection on your office.

Thank you again.
--Larry & Maria Jaramillo



This memo serves as a letter of recommendation for Mr. Rick Grayson of Southerland Properties. My wife and I recently purchased a lot from Rick at Glenwood in Bulverde, Texas. He proved to be very informative and honest and helped us make realistic decisions about our lot. He was so trustworthy, in fact, that we referred our close friends Stephen and Audra Ochsner to him when they were looking for property. They were impressed by Rick and by Glenwood and also bought a lot from him. Rick went above and beyond typical quality service by fulfilling any request we had, even if it involved extra work for him or his sales team. I would highly recommend Rick, his sales manager David Kilgore and Southerland Properties to others considering hill country property. They do an outstanding job developing their properties and don't simply disappear after the sale but stand by your side to provide information and help you prepare to live on your property.

--Capt. (Dr.) John W. Beach

When we as future homeowners decide to buy our own lot and build the house of our dreams on it, you cannot go wrong when you purchase any lot in a Southerland Property Subdivision. My reasoning and story is as follows: My wife and I moved to San Antonio from Houston about a year ago and decided to look at some one-acre lots outside of town. Numerous people from work had already recommended River Crossing, which was a Southerland Property in the Spring Branch area. We drove around and were delighted by the style of the subdivision and how natural the setting was, but were amazed there were few lots remaining, as this was still a newly developed subdivision.

This is where we first met up with Rick Grayson, a salesman for Southerland. A stand up and honest man that took us out and spent a lot of time showing us around, explaining all aspects of the subdivision and answering any and all questions. Because we wanted something a bit bigger than one acre, Rick told us about a new property opening up a short drive away. We met Rick out at Glenwood and began looking at the lots that were available. We fell in love with a two-acre lot and bought it right away.

Since this was a brand new development, the city had not yet approved the final plat. And when they did, we discovered the city had added a drainage easement on our lot and the city will not let you build in an easement. As our hopes and dreams began to fade, thinking we were not going to have the house of our dreams, Rick Grayson and David Kilgore from Glenwood stepped in to help us out.

These two men took time out of their busy day to come up with a solution that would help us out and make us happy once again. They showed us similar lots that were free from any easements and let us switch for the one we had already purchased. We found one across the street that was perfect for us and the people at Glenwood assisted us in talking with the bank as well as the Title Company in switching to this new lot. David even had the lot cleared for us. And so we were ready to build our house again!

The folks at Glenwood really care about people and make it a point to ensure their happiness. I have yet to see another developer go through the trouble and spend that kind of time and effort on buyers looking to build the perfect home. My wife and I would like to thank everyone for their concern with our happiness and I highly recommend to everyone that you check out Glenwood or any other Southland Property.

--Matthew Gowen


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